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Peter Carson, Founder

EarthHouse was founded by Peter Carson as the next step in his evolution as professional environmental advocate, successful business founder, angel impact investor, and strategic branding consultant.

Peter’s environmental advocacy journey has been characterized by his leadership in the creation and management of several U.S. environmental and public policy campaigns and coalitions. His work spanned both local and national levels, with a particular focus on the critical issues of ocean pollution and toxic waste. Through these efforts, he has a commitment to safeguarding our environment and improving public health.

In addition to his advocacy work, Peter ventured into the business world, where he founded a pioneering healthcare claiming technology company. This company specialized in serving at-risk populations, addressing critical gaps in healthcare access and management. Peter successfully led the company to a profitable exit in 2021.

Since 2021, Peter has taken on the role of an angel investor and startup mentor at Sea Ahead, Boston, and E8 in Seattle. These bluetech ventures incubator serves as a hub for entrepreneurs, investors, industry leaders, and stakeholders passionate about finding innovative and scalable solutions to contemporary ocean-related challenges. Peter’s involvement in this venture underscores his dedication to fostering innovation and sustainability in the bluetech sector.

EarthHouse combines Peter’s career trajectory as an environmental advocate, successful business founder, and committed angel investor reflecting his unwavering dedication to environmental sustainability and entrepreneurship. His passion for strategic branding underscores his belief in the power of branding to shape the future success of impact startups and environmental causes.


Our Collaborators

Henry S. Cole, Ph.D.
Henry S. Cole Environmental Associates, Inc.

Tino Chow
Founder & CEO,  Giant Shoulders

Andrea Herrick
Creative Director, HerrickDesign

Scott Indermaur
Visual Narrative, Indermaur Media

EarthHouse, LLC is inspired by the poet Gary Snyder’s book “Earth House Hold”.  The book reflects Snyder's deep ecological awareness and his belief in the interconnectedness of all living beings and their environments.  Snyder advocates for a more harmonious relationship between humans and nature, urging a greater understanding of our place within the global ecosystem.  The book is notable for its early articulation of principles that would later become central to the environmental movement, such as sustainability, bioregionalism, and deep ecology.  Snyder's work in "Earth House Hold" is often seen as a precursor to the modern environmental consciousness and has been influential in ecological and literary circles.