Scott Indermaur,
Videography and Photography

Scott Indermaur’s career is one of stories—told through the visual language of photography and videography. He tells a tale of his unique, beautiful, and intoxicating subjects. Notably, though, at the same time, he tells the story of America— arguably even his tale.

Scott discovers the familiar in the exotic and the remarkable in the ordinary. Indermaur’s three-decade career amounts to a treasure trove chronicling American life in visual stories. His photographs and videos of life in America juxtapose his delicate nature scenes. He captures the exquisite moments of individual expressions of spirituality found in his book and documentary REVEALED. Told through his sensitive, curious, and raw gaze, Scott records the story of early 21st-century Americans living their lives. His reputation has been recognized by many and is listed in Wikipedia as an influential American Photographer. 

Scott’s quiet ability to connect with his subjects is born of his empathy and respect. He looks for the unguarded moment to capture the subject. Scott has a way of approaching subjects with subtlety and positivity. As you browse his portrait gallery, you will see the truth in his subjects, their trust in their gaze, and a gallery of beautiful people living everyday moments. 

He calls Rhode Island his home and loves the ocean, beaches, and nature that inspire him daily. He travels extensively for projects, and loves to camp while exploring this country from his Airstream Basecamp 16x.