Why Impact Startups Need Strategic Branding from Day One

In the fast-paced world of impact startups, where innovation is the currency of progress, startups can find themselves navigating waters fraught with uncertainty and competition. In this high-stakes game,

Focus on Strengths: Leveraging Your Company’s Advantages for Success

In the dynamic landscape of impact startups, standing out from competitors is crucial for long-term success. While it's essential to be aware of weaknesses and areas for improvement, dedicating significant resources to addressing them can sometimes detract from what truly sets your company apart...

Positioning: Crafting a Unique Identity for Your Product and Company

In the bustling marketplace of impact startups standing out from the crowd is essential for any startup striving to succeed. One of the most...

Welcome to EarthHouse

Welcome to Earth House’s first blog series on the mysteries of differentiation in the world of Impact Startups. I'm Peter Carson, the founder of Earth House, and if there's one thing I know from my experience as a business founder and strategic branding specialist, it's how to carve out a niche, make a mark, and change the game. So, let's dive in.